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TREE SIT: The Art of Resistance



Earth Films was founded in 1998. We use documentary filmmaking, digital media and art to bring diverse, critical perspectives to pressing ecological and social justice issues.

TREE-SIT The Art of Resistance- DVD - 100 min. - $24.99

TREE-SIT: The Art of Resistance DVD - 100 min. This controversial documentary takes place amidst the redwood rainforest of Humboldt County where young activists have taken the art of resistance to new heights. Surrounded by clearcuts while perched in the high canopy of ancient forests for extended periods of time, activists such as Julia Butterfly Hill (and dozens of others), have used non-violent direct action and civil disobedience to slow down the chainsaws and bring attention to the destruction of old growth forests. This film is historical, exhilarating, informative, and intense! Featuring Joan Baez, Bonnie Raitt, Woody Harrelson and Mickey Hart.

"Truly inspiring' - Howard Zinn "A rich history lesson... stunning in its cinematc effects." - Kim Beavers

$120 - Institutions ( DVD) If you already own the 120 min. VHS version please call for a low upgrade cost

EARTH FILMS CLASSICS - 3 classic short films now on one DVD - LUNA (20 mins) FIRE IN THE EYES (30 mins) TIMBER GAP (20 mins) - $25

LUNA The Stafford Giant Tree-Sit. (20 min.) 1998. The Stafford Giant redwood tree, also called Luna, was discovered by Earth First! during the Fall '97 Headwaters campaign. The tree was blue-marked for cutting. In order to save it from the chainsaw, a nonstop tree occupation began. One extraordinary woman named Julia Butterfly remained in the tree for over two years. This video report gives you the inside view of one of the most inspiring acts of civil-disobedience ever. - Winner Okomedia Film Festival award - "Best Journalistic portrayal of ecological issues for children & young people"

Timber GAP 20 min. ( 2000) Timber GAP is the story of a community struggling to save the last of Mendocinos coastal redwood forest. A new company has recently moved in, financed by the GAP founder Donald Fisher and family. The Fishers made their fortune off the backs of exploited sweatshop workers, now they are exploiting the redwoods. Grassroots movements of labor, the environment and human rights converge in Seattle to protest the WTO and the huge corporations (like the GAP) that benefit most from Free Trade.

Fire In The Eyes, (VHS or DVD) a powerful, unnerving look at Humboldt County's policy of using pepper spray directly on the eyes of non-violent protesters.  This 32 minute portrayal of the controversial police tactic, euphemistically called "pain compliance", shows the dark side of law & order. !  - Winner "Black Maria Film Festival" Honarble mention award

G8 – The Battle of the Oatfield - (30 min) by James Ficklin & Nicola Peel - 30 mins. $14.99

In July of 2005, James & Nicola traveled to Scotland to cover the G8 summit protests outside Edinburgh. The G8 is the annual meeting with the leaders of the 8 most powerful nations on Earth, to discuss their plans to control the planet. Various movements came together from all over Europe and the world, to attempt to disrupt the meeting and call attention to the injustices perpetuated by the G8 leaders.

The video shows the highlights of the morning road blockades and the march to Gleneagles hotel where the leaders were barricaded in and surrounded by riot police. The Infernal Noise Brigade from Seattle, along with the Clandestine Insurgent Revolutionary Clown Army (CIRCA) added music, colour and humour to the protests. James & Nicola covered two separate clashes between riot police and protestors tearing down the metal fence barricades, followed by an oatfield occupied by clowns, puppets, anarchists and angels, being chased by cops on horses, dogs and helicopters.

Earth Films Radical shorts 8 films - $25

Striptease to Save the Tree, Bloody War in D.C, Cry for the forest, grizzly Creek Tree Sit, Viva Judi Bari, Mattole Forest Massacre, squash the WTO & War Pigs - Jeff Taylor & James Ficklin