The Need for Grassroots Media

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Our mission is to use video, film, photography and music to raise awareness about environmental and social justice issues. we believes that nonviolent direct action and civil disobedience are most effective when people know that it is happening and why!

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Today's media is for the most part biased toward the corporate status quo. Grassroots movements are largely marginalized or misrepresented by mainstream media. As a result, the general public remains ignorant of environmental and social justice issues that affect their health, communities, environment, and even their basic constitutional rights. Earth Films & HAVC counterbalances this misrepresentation by documenting and reporting at the grassroots level. In addition to creating our own videos, we also provide video footage to the mainstream media on a selective basis when we feel that a story is being covered fairly. By providing powerful images that keep the issues alive in the public eye, we inspire, educate and activate people to create the pressure needed to bring forth change.



Thank you for support of this important movement, and your specific support for HAVC & Earth Films.Our documentation has already changed people's perception and increased awareness. You can help us to continue our media and eductional work by making a tax deductible, make checks out to Earth Films/ESP to the address below

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