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HAVC History and Mission

HAVC was formed in the spring of 1997 as a nonprofit affiliate project, designed to provide video support and witnessing to Headwaters Forest demonstrations and to maintain an archive of footage for use in media outreach and the production of video organizing tools.

HAVC has completed six short videos since 1997: Call to Action, LUNA - The Stafford Giant Tree-Sit, Fire in the Eyes, Timber GAP, Images from the redwood forest plus extensive working on "Showdown in Seattle - 5 day that shock the WTO", and Breaking the Bank - A16. In addition to making our own films, HAVC provides video footage, audio, and still images for: A) Alternative films, radio and other media, B) Legal cases and lawmakers, C) Mainstream news programs and TV including CNN, ABC, NBC, CBS, Today Show, Donnie and Marie show, Channel One, Exstreme Courage 44 productions, Earth Rescue, Ecology Channel, Ripple's believe it or not, Thin Green Line, CNN and Times, Ecology program (outdoor life), DUTV, and countless other media, both national and international; including: National TV in Italy (RAI), Britain (ITN) Germany (DV, TV ZDF Mainz, OZON, Plantopia), Austria, Japan (Unbe, Australia (SKATV), Thailand, China & Spain, and D) Events, including SpitFire tour, Gathering Raves, Mateel Summer Arts Festival, Film festivals,Genesis awards and the Discovery Channel, Cesar Chavez art gallery, Earth day events, plus many other galleries, and University showings in 2000 presented by Redwood Mary including, Smith, Cornell, NYU, Alfred University, Drew University, Vassar, and outreach events.

Northern California has some of the most incredible natural treasures of the earth, the last remaining  ancient redwood rainforests in existence.  They are as impressive as the pyramids and have been around since the time of Christ.  The campaign to protect the ancient redwoods has been a long struggle, the clearcutting of theses forests and the spraying of herbicides has not only impacted endangered species, but also the lives of local people.   The salmon industry has collapsed, 7 homes in the town of Stafford were wiped out by a mudslide, and the once prolific Coho salmon are on the verge of extinction along with many other forest creatures. We feel our videos are essential to this campaign by providing powerful tools for influencing public opinion, and building mass support.

Our videos have alerted people to the corporate destruction of the rainforest here in the US. They have shown the power of nonviolent direct action and civil-disobedience. They have shown the true nature of the police state. They have demonstrated the power of one (Julia Butterfly). We hope if enough people are moved by our videos, it will bring about a change in social consciousness by awakening people and compelling them to act in a positive way.

Until the government and corporations begin to respect the value of unspoiled nature and not just the dollar value, there will be a need for video & film documentation, We hope the history we record will be used to educate the world and the future generations.


Thank you for support of this important movement, and your specific support for HAVC & Earth Films.Our documentation has already changed people's perception and increased awareness. You can help us to continue our media and eductional work by making a tax deductible, make checks out to Earth Films/ESP to the address below

P.O. Box 2198, Redway, CA 95560

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