Tree-Sit The Art of Resistance

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TREE-SIT The Art of Resistance
a film by James Ficklin (120 min.)

Music by Sean Andrews, Nedd Mud, Black Fire, Jim Page,Casey Neil , Land of the Blind , Tourmaline Music , Forest Floor, Rebecca Moore

This controversialdocumentary takes place amidst the redwood rainforest of Humboldt County where a ragged band of young activists have taken the art of resistance to new heights. Surrounded by clearcuts while perched in the high canopy of ancient forests for extended periods of time, activists such as Julia Butterfly Hill (and dozens of others), have used creative, non-violent, direct action and civil disobedience to slow down the chainsaws and bring attention to the destruction of old growth forests.

A powerful, poignant look inside the Earth First! movement in Humboldt County. Here is the inside story that sets the context for this modern day myth. From the struggle to "Save Headwaters Forest; the assassination attempt of Judi Bari; the pepper spray torture of young activists; to the establishment of permanent "tree-villages" hundreds of feet up; and culminating in the WTO protests on the tear-gassed filled streets of Seattle, this film is historical, exhilarating, informative, and intense!

The soundtrack combines cutting edge "Drum & Bass" electronica, with tribal, pagan folk music. Balance is provided by Native Americans, Rural residents, Loggers, Scientists, Fisherman, and Government agents who all voice their opinions and concerns about the forest and interrelated issues such as Salmon decline, mudslides, flooding, herbicide spraying, labor issues and the globalization of corporate capitalism. Featuring Joan Baez, Bonnie Raitt, Woody Harrelson and Mickey Hart..

TREE-SIT- Films music

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